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أرافيل:كل شئ عن الفلبين والعرب فى الفلبين - Do you choose the fish or the fishing boat !


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  • Do you choose the fish or the fishing boat !

    I found out that i Became a mentor! How? I don't know !

    I have a question I used to ask for every one coming on my way asking assistance or help'
    "You have to choose between 2 options?" Of course the one in front of me, would open his mouth wonder, Am I going to offer cash or a check ?
    Disappointingly he would find out that I was offering neither: " Do you want to get FISH , or FISHING HOOK?"
    Because I'm not that perfect in English, some times I say fishing rod, or fishing hook, or a bigger thing like fishing boat. Anyway he or she would understand that I wanted him to choose between ready fish to eat now or a to teach him fishing then let him go do fishing and get fish anytime he is hungry

    I used to get one answer from all of them: "of course I choose to learn how to do fishing"
    I liked this option , at least I would n't need to spent for the fish case the choice was the first one

    Only one person gave me different answer, and another person chose to learn fishing, but during the course that person got both - the fish and the fishing hook!

    The one who gave different answer was my friend..
    The one who got all, was my honey ...

    My friend when I asked him to choose, he answered in a different way , he did not choose to learn fishing like others, but

    " of course I like to choose to learn fishing to be able to get fish and eat every time I'm hungry... but !"
    "But I'm hungry now , I would die waiting to learn fishing.. so give me fish now to eat then you can start teach me fishing "

    My honey was different !

    From the first day she met me, and at the first moment she could succeed to make her choice very clearly.. I remember that wonderful big smile when she was sitting one meter in front of me. Affirmatively , she repeated saying: " of course I choose learning fishing, I want to learn .. I want to know every thing.. Please teach me.. I need to learn"...
    I tried not to be caught by her eyes to escape being surround by its charm hug. But I failed, I felt her smile touching deep my heart, I felt her eyes extending sweet hooks clamping my soul.

    I accepted her choice, I started to teach her how to fish. During the course I found out that she was not in need to learn any thing, she was not in need to learn how to do fishing , she was not in need to go along any training or teaching.. Do you know why ?