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أرافيل:كل شئ عن الفلبين والعرب فى الفلبين - how much to sell my honey

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  • how much to sell my honey -1

    " I have a chance to sell my honey, but I don't know exactly how much I have to ask!
    So I want you to help me how much I should ask a s price for my honey..
    This is not a joke !
    Some asked me to marry, he came to me, not as his friend to consult and see my opinion, also I'm not the father for the one he wants to marry, or the bother or even her friend ... He knew who I'm for her, that's why he came to tell me he wants to marry her. Actually he travelled a very long distance to see me !!
    Of course you want some more information about her to help you estimate the correct price
    I will tell how much did I pay for her, I will tell all the details ...
    I will try to collect all what I have in records about her, then show all together to you later " ...

    He forgot to greet me, he was too busy talking to himself to greet me ! His mind and eyes were preoccupied, they were only looking at his memory, as if he wanted to recite a very important event.. I looked at him, I wonder why he was smiling. Anyway he was in good mood as i saw his face not so sad as usual!
    I offered him a cup of coffee, he refused.. He did not want to waste any moment except for his story..

    - I boosted him to go on talking: "you look so good today"
    He almost laughed: " yes of course.. I have something to sell"

    - " Again?" I exclaimed because last week he was selling his .... his ... , OMG! I forgot what he was selling !! .. any way, I smiled in return of his loud laugh: " what are selling to day?"

    He stepped back without looking his steps, as he knew the place of the chair , sat down , stayed with a silent smile, maybe to make me more excited and interested to listen:" As I said above I'm selling my honey"

    - " What? " I couldn't control to keep my voice low.. My secretary rush into my door asking terrified if there is something wrong.. I smiled, I realized that my vioce was too loud:" Nothing, you may offer us something to drink"
    She asked:" What? soft drinks or coffee? "
    "Anything.. anything please " .. still my voice indicated I was not yet recovered from the surprise of what my friend wanted to sell ...

    - I turned back to my friend: Ok, friend.. what are you selling again ?"
    As if he was tired to make me understand: " Do I need to repeat 100 times ? I said .. I'm selling my honey.. my girl friend .. my wife"

    - " Your wife ? "
    " Yes.. my wife.. you know that she is my wife.. why do you ask?".
    Then after few seconds of silence as if he wanted to make some corrections .. " You knew that she is my wife.. We did not have physical contact since many years, but still officially she is my wife.. I never agreed to divorce her or separate from her .. She had never given me true impression that really she wanted to separate.. She is my wife officially, she is my wife in front of people, my children, and every one. she is my wife but with no sex for some years "

    - "She had never given me true impression that really she wanted to separate..?" ..I looked at him need some more clarifications !
    "Yes" He commented immediately not waiting for me to ask anymore.. " She asked to divorce her , but i did not realize that she was serious"

    - " what was your answer ?"
    He smiled ,: "we were only joking every time she opened this issue ".. "This was my answer one time: Ok.. honey.. if you have a man to marry, just tell me.. She would laugh and say: OK, I will bring him to tell you: Dear husband, this man wants to marry me.. what do you think"

    "Another time, I answered: no problem .. you can marry after you get our kid approval. She said: Yes, I can talk to our kid and get her approval.. But I used to comment: but she is not qualified now, wait until she is 21 years old.. She would laugh because our daughter was only below 10 years old and my wife was far some years 30 years"..

    " another time ..." He wanted to continue telling other occasions where he and his wife (or his honey) discussed divorce..

    I interrupted him excited to know the end:" You mean that she was not truly asking for divorce ? Is this what you want to say? " .. I think i got nervous, I realized he might get offended and stop telling the rest of his issue - Item of sale, sorry I men how much to sell my honey ..

    I pressured some more control on my temper.. I tried to be silent, as I remembered a very useful article about "the power of silence" .. OMG!!.. I remembered just now who was the author of that article !! Anyway read it, its useful no matter if the author is crazy !!

    OMG!! I think I think I'm alone now in the room , he is not around. He is not anywhere in my office, I did not notice that he left in silence ..

    please follow later