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أرافيل:كل شئ عن الفلبين والعرب فى الفلبين - My honey got pregnant 2 times - First time

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  • My honey got pregnant 2 times - First time

    She is very sensitive and very fragile .. she got pregnant 2 times
    First times she was just a fresh flower .. with heart full of love.. and buckets never think of money and were most of the time with no money..

    she got pregnant with dancing heart and dreaming nights.. she was very poor but with very rich soul. She experience her very hash life with very soft hands.. With smiley eyes .. she told: "honey I'm pregnant" .. This was the first time, some few years ago

    I got about to fall from my chair .. my heart wanted to bleed .. "why?" I asked worried and confused.. i cant.. i cant take it.. With teary eyes she told me don't worry i will get it gone out of me..

    Few days later she told me: "honey im bleeding".. "your seeds inside me are dead.. but you are still alive in my heart.. help me to remove you out there as you asked me kill your plant inside me"..

    I told her: "you are bleeding red blood .. but I'm bleeding days and nights.. you are bleeding from you down.. I'm bleeding from from my front.. your blood will be generated and replaced with fresh blood cells with more shiny days to come.. mine will not be generated.. it will just be gone.. It will be deducted and take me steps closer to my end..

    One month later.. she told me: "honey your plant is still I alive".. "it did not go away. Even I had taken all the bills you gave me.. GOD wanted it to stay..please let it grow. It will be the every thing that i got from you"

    I hold her hands tight, they were warm and wet: "if you want to keep my child . This mean you will be mine unil i died. But i cant be yours even for today"..

    She asked me why I'm crying, why my grip was very tight..
    I answered: "i see a small dark spot there very far .. I hope you will not make it the paint of my life when it comes to end"

    She said: "you gave me life.. how could I give death.. you gave me hope how do I return i return you lost ..This one inside me is my signature that im yours till you go..
    If you are still worried from that dark spot that may tinge your end blue.. release me just let me go for nowhere .. for no when..

    After few seconds of silence: "Can you lend me little cash, only enough to take me far away from you"

    I told her again: "no.. i cant let you go .. my heart is inside you.. i will let you stay , my eyes upon you.. I will keep you near; hold you closer.. but just pray for me .. because I'm poor and i will be always poor"

    Then you moved steps with your heart beating of joy, mixed with tears coming from your eyes. I was very caring , every time every moment.. Day after day, night after night. One day I smile another day I cry.. You asked me why? I answered: "the dark spot was getting larger"

    I was worried about my child , I was joking that it might be shown in Suksie , baby with 2 heads or 4 legs punishment from HIM and effect of taken bills.. You used to to smile and laugh and tell me this will be your best gift for me

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