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أرافيل:كل شئ عن الفلبين والعرب فى الفلبين - Which is blind, Love or Jelouesy

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  • Which is blind, Love or Jealousy

    Which is blind, Love or Jealousy? I think the answer seems so easy, most of will say "love is blind"
    I believe in this also, love is blind

    That why many girl get closer to me? simply because they are blind.. They are blind before they came closer to me, They cant see that I'm not the man for them, the could not see any my physical, moral and psychic defects which are really plenty. They did not see that I'm short, they expected i'm tall guy. They did not see that I'm not rich, they expected one like me will never described as not rich. They did not see that I'm harsh , moody, they thought I'm kind, stable and descent

    May be some one of my readers will say, they like what I write, sorry, you are wrong, I never publish any thing except recently. Since I started to write and publish my blogs, no one get closer to me

    Simply they love me and get closer , because they were blind

    Then after getting closer they became more blind to death, they cannot see any way to be away from me, they can not see any light to guide them released from the darkness of my company.

    Every woman dreams having a child, Actually this is the reason for many women why they get married, to have their own prince or princess. They get married, they get pregnant, their dreams are near to become true. Now they are very happy, very excited waiting for their dream son or dream daughter. She delivered, her dream is real , her dream is true. She is ready now to enjoy her live dream, walking, plying, standing and falling, smiling and crying.

    What? the dream is not the one in their mind, not the one nourished and raised in their imagination before coming. Its a creature not a complete human, he came bringing pain and misery with him in place of happiness and joy. What she will do? Can she get rid of him

    This is my girl, She was blind so she loved me. Now she is more blind, she cant get red of me, she has no option except to cry and continue loving me.

    I told her: "Really the only hope for you, is that I will leave soon. Even it is my best option is to leave, but it is not my decision when I will leave.. Just pray with for HIM to make it fast, to make it soon" She would look at me with teary eyes and say nothing, only cry more

    What about Jealousy, is it blind!..Yes.. it is blind
    Love is blind and jealousy is blind , but in different ways
    Love blindness makes you see every thing in your partner good even those bad things
    Jealousy blindness makes you see every thing in your partner bad even those good things
    Love blindness is a builder and life provider
    Jealousy blindness is a destructive and killer

    Jealousy is blind
    Jealousy makes every thing good in your partner looks bad ... % of his income to her, But she denies.. "you never give me any money"
    - He started to count : " I never give you? what about the 400 thousands I pay every month"
    - She denied again
    - He continued: "for our house and condo payments"
    - She insisted to deny: "This is not for me, this is for the children"
    - Yes for our children, your children : "what about the 2 cars payment every month?"
    - She denied:" Is that for me? Its for the children"
    - He tried to continue: " the cars , the condo and the house are in your name"
    - She denied " In my name , but for the children not for me "
    - This is all my income every month is going to you, to the children, to our family.. All this is for you and for me and for the children.. Nothing goes for any one outside
    - Shouting and crying : "You don't care about us , you care only about her.. You don't love us , you only love.. you love the children , you are insane , you wasted our resources for her"
    - Shouting also :"who is her? where is she? what is her name? where is her place"

    This dialogue almost repeated with every couple, just because of jealousy, they shout , they cry, they hate each other, they deny every thing good only because of jealousy ...

    To continue