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أرافيل:كل شئ عن الفلبين والعرب فى الفلبين - Why me ?

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  • Why me ?

    He visited me again!
    My friend .. I'm talking about him , my friend..
    Today he wants to discuss a serious issue, as shown being driven to distraction
    He sat on chair opposite to me as usual, started talking:

    I never believed that I'm the man to whom women can be attracted easily.. this is my impression about myself ..
    I'm not a tall guy, only 168 cms is my height..

    I'm not that handsome man.. You may say "a man is not by his look" ..

    Ok.. I'm not rich, I had never been rich and i will never be .. You may say "also the man is not by his money" ..

    Ok.. What about personality?.. "yes. This is ok, It matters a lot!" .. I'm always shouting, sarcastic, scolding those close to me .. I never had a kind tongue.. I don't have lovey lips, no sweet words in my dictionary. I don't know how to say to my girl: "darling .. honey.. sweat heart..love or alike from those words and titles used by men calling their ladies.. You may say also " a man is not by his tongue" ..

    A man is not his bucket or money .. a man is not his tongue .. a man is not his look.. I'm confused now! what is the man? I mean what is the reasons or characters that make a man attractive to a woman. I asked this questions to many of my friends , and to many of my close ladies: "why they are close to me?"... " What is the secret attracting them to me?".. I never get an answer , or always the answer was nonsense like .. My men friends , will just shake head as if i may have some thing that they don't know.. Answers from women who are close to me usually around: "its blindness!" .. "idiocy" .. "sure you are very good .. with them but only bad with me"

    I know it is an important issue for the man to know how to attractive for woman or not? The internet is full of discussions and articles about this..

    To believe that you have nothing to be attractive and wonder why many are attracted to you, and easily get closed .. It may sound nonsense .. But sure it will make you wondering why ?

    When I hear my friends calling their woman " honey ! " .. and end the call with " love you" .. I comment usually: "you are so sweet , do you know that I never say that to any one!"

    He wondered: "Why me? why did you choose me?"
    You said he is very kind , he is very sweet, very lovely .. why me not him?
    You said he is very rich, he is very generous. He is giving you thousands very easily, while I failed to give you even hundreds .. So why me not him?
    You said he gave you a condo and willing to give another, while I gave only a shared bed space for you. He is offering you a car, while I let you commute .. So why me not him?
    You said he loved you so much, but I'm like a stone no feelings at all. He is willing to give up every thing, to ignore every one for your sake. While me as you said I care about any one except you
    You said you are so big in his eyes, he appreciated every thing you do, he valued all your work. While you believe that you are so small in my eyes, and I never give value for anything you do!
    You said he is very available for you, you can hold his arms in public with no restrictions or worries, He is single can marry you, not like me, married with many restrictions
    You said he is young not very old like me, he has the energy that one old like me never show , he has the future while I'm stepping to my end

    He asked again and again:"I wonder, why you do not want to keep him, why do you want to come back to me" .. "why you want to break through my wall , and own my fragile inside? I cant deny that I'm pretty taken over by you and your beauty, but you are far younger than me.. What do you want exactly" ..

    - "You !" .. she answered steadily and firmly.. "I want you ! I'm longing for you!" .. " There is something in you , that makes me longing to penetrate you deeper and live in the far depth inside you " ..

    He exclaimed : " Can any one believe what you want? I can't believe there is a woman that far crazy " " why me .. why me?"

    She laughed:" Can any one believe what I want? ... Yes, you !"

    I smiled, he was still sitting in front of me. Truly I don't see anything in an old man like him that may attract a woman ! What ? Do any one think that he posses something unusual !
    He looked at me with doubt trying to read my mind: "Oh .. please don't smile .. don't smile.. I know what is in your mind now.. "
    I denied laughing:" nothing in my mind .."
    He continued: "No.. No I know what is in your mind. We are friends since birth , I know your green mind. This also- what you think now- is not true. I have very low score. May be lower than 40% compared to other men at my age.. Any lady will recognize this low level from our first time.."

    I did not comment, just continued laughing. I don't deny that he used to get some tablets for men from me..

    "So what is that in me attracting women. WHY?.. why my life is so complicated having many women attached to me" .. He continued asking me

    I laughed again while leaving the room:"Don't worry, i will ask them one by one ! Please send me a list with their names !! "