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أرافيل:كل شئ عن الفلبين والعرب فى الفلبين - A promise that did not last long

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  • A promise that did not last long - part 1

    She knew that she was pretty and every one adored her. But her life is just a turmoil between good and bad, mostly bad.

    Her teenager life lacked the love , affection and care that one receives from parents. They left her behind and alone. A mother for some illness, passed away, few years later her father found a new life abroad.

    She accustomed be be alone in this big world and used and learnt to endure harassment. She developed a great power to tolerate pain and insult. She used to protect her self with a smile, her beautiful smile never failed to save and never let her down.

    She developed the power of positive thinking and the power to dream big.. She used her beauty and her smiles , to keep herself very attractive that no man can resist falling in her.

    She was very disappointed for what happened to her last few weeks , when she found her self out of nothing after she gave every thing for the man she loved.. She left her apartment, almost thrown out of it can't see her foot steps, crying , carrying her bag with some dress and personal things.

    "She would suffer again loneliness". She thought in herself.

    She knew very well what does it mean to be alone again. She was raised like an orphan, but not inside an orphanage. Raised alone for 10 years old pretty girl is a terrible experience. It is the most terrible experience to live without guidance, without sharing your feelings, your concerns, with no shoulder to cry when tears are inevitable.

    She pressed the bell gently, she wondered if he was alone there. She called a while ago, told him that she is going there as she had no place. He was there waiting for her. The door was half opened, the man of the house was behind.

    - hi ! ..
    she stepped few steps inside the condo, still can manage to say "hi" with her usual charm.

    - how are you?.. please come in !
    It seemed no one was there at that moment. He had a nice smile on his face when greeted her to come in. She knew from before that he liked her. She knew that he would welcome her in his condo at any time.

    She knew this place, she came here before as a visitor, but first time to come for a stay.

    - "Did you take your dinner?" .. He asked with kindness

    - "Ya , I'm done".. Even no food entered her stomach since early morning , but she had no desire to eat

    He was still standing beside the table in the middle of the room.

    He took her small bag to put aside beside the wall, as he did know what to do next or what to say. when she extended her arm to hold his. he looked at her with a smile and shy eyes.

    She whispered: "Thank you, you are so kind to me"..

    She did not know what she should do to show that she is thankful for being good to her. She felt her self getting closer to the man offered her his hand when others throw her away with no mercy. She felt affected with his kindness and generosity.

    She did not notice before that he was some how handsome, but his flushed red face and desire in his eyes looking encouraged her getting closer. He looked far better than the one she used to see before. Maybe his offer to let her use his condo, and his offer to help and support her added to his look to be better.

    Kindness in those eyes and the shy desire flushing his face caused her feel that a hug could be a nice way to show gratitude.She learnt from her life before , being alone, and a weak girl, that the body touch is the best way for a pretty girl to get the man easily wrapped around her little finger, She did not want to loose this kind man with all the promises for a comfortable life.

    It was a nice clear morning , one of April's with clear blue sky. It is a pleasant feeling when you are on shore side after threat of being taken into ocean darkness , nice to see the morning shining bright while you are safe,

    Thanks to the kind man who did not let her suffer long before getting her safe.She looking proudly at the brand new laptop:
    "this is for you. You can start work now for marketing , getting clients" ... "you can use every thing here for doing business , I'm supporting you. I will give you every thing you need"..

    She touched the new printer with her fingers, she examined the copy papers rims on the table with her eyes, the stabler, the ruler, and some pens and pencils. She smiled, her arms stretched around his neck:
    "every thing is here, every thing that I need" .. " thank you for being beside me, I really love you, I promise I will work hard, and we can succeed and make good money, you will not regret that you supported me .. thank you .. again"