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To Deal with Philippines you need to prepare some requirements ahead before you can hire Filipino applicants.
These requirements are submitted to Philippine embassy in your country to get your company accredited in Philippines Labor Office called POEA
After about one week filing in the embassy of Philippines, you will end up with a big folder with many documents attested by the embassy
We call this folder as JOB ORDER
If you find it is hard for you to type and prepare these documents, we can help you doing the job for you
All what you need is to send us:the commercial License, the visa or visa approval and the signatory name
Documents Samples required to make the Job Order
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What are the exact procedures ?
This is the most common question asked by employers
it is simply 1, 2 steps, read details
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We have a wide positions range of Filipino applicants, some of the Available Categories and positions
Doctors, Medical staff and Nurses, Engineers, Technicians, Construction workers, Auto-Motive and company drivers
Office staff, Hotel and Restaurant staff, and Many Other categories. Females and Males

Salary will be finally settled with candidates on interview
Here is general guide for salaries that is accepted by most applicants
In General , salary for lowest positions -like cleaners , office boy, unskilled workers- must start at 400USD, about 1500SR
Skilled workers -carpenter,electrician,welder- starts at 550USD, about 2000SR
Nurses salary about 650USD, about 2500SR above, while Technicians -Xray and laboratory- about 3000SR
Doctors and Engineers salary start at 500SR, up to 20,000SR depending on experience and specialty

You are welcome to contact us, please send us the following
Office Name, Phone Nos, Manager Name and copy of the commercial License

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House Maids and Domestic Workers
For Manpower Agencies
In allowed countries only: For Saudi, Qatar, Emirates, Oman, Bahrain,,Kuwait, Jordan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore
REQUIREMENTS FORM YOUR OFFICE: Office Name and Phone Nos, Manager Name,
Commercial License Copy
Send To:

Direct to Sponsors, Individuals
Better contact the local agency in your country
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أقرأ: خدم للأمارات من الفلبين بالعربى

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To All Employers and Managers

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House Maids from Philippines

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